Conversations with my deceased mother

How many of you actually believe that spirit gives us what we need when we need it?
I ask this question because it has officially been 8 months, 10 days, 8 hours and 33 mins since my beloved mother passed away. I have been waiting and looking for signs that she’s still around me. I’ve even tried doing EVP and spirit box sessions, to no avail. I’m like “Mom, you know I’m a Paranormal Investigator, so please give me a sign that you’re with me.” While my mother was alive she got to know the love of my life somewhat, but I think she always compared him to my ex-husband, who could do no wrong in her eyes. Okay, now hold that thought while I digress for a moment.
I have had paranormal experiences since I was 14 when I saw my spirit guide and have continued to experience the unexplainable. The morning that my mom passed away, she woke me up(her spirit did) around 7 and we had a full blown conversation.
She told me what a wonderful daughter I was and so many other personal things that I needed to hear. By 9:48 a.m. she was gone and my heart shattered.
Fast forward to last week! My boyfriend was visiting his folks up in Nashville for the weekend and during that time her spirit engaged me in another lengthy conversation and her biggest message was about my boyfriend. She apologized for not getting to know him better and that she was able to see what kind of man he is and how well he treats me. I Thanked her for coming to me and telling me those things from her perspective.
That Sunday evening, I ran a nice bath for my mate who just returned from his trip. I typically give him space to bathe and unwind. Something told me…urged me to go into the bathroom just to check on him. He began to tell me about his long ride home and how he did a lot of thinking about us and the relationship.
He apologized for some of the things or past bad behaviors over the last few years and then he hesitated…..he slowly said to me “I know you’re going to think I’m crazy, but on the ride home, I felt your mother’s presence very strongly as I thought back on all of the things we’ve been through…I feel the need to tell you how sorry I am for any bad behaviors and they will never happen again…”
Can I just tell you that my mouth fell to the floor when I heard him saying all of these things because I knew without a doubt that my Mom’s mission on that day was to communicate messages of love to both of us! When I told him about my convo with her, he was just as awestruck because not only were these messages communicated at the same time, but we were able to validate them with each other. We both Thanked her for her messages of love, kindness and understanding towards one another.
These events continue to inspire me to seek as an investigator and continues to bring me great comfort as Sue Wright’s beloved daughter. Please feel free to share your experiences…