May 9, 2015 Investigation–Old Taylor Hospital in Hawkinsville, GA

Our team got the okay from our new friend and tour guide Janet to come down to investigate the Old Taylor Hospital in Hawkinsville, GA.  This location is about 2 hours away from Atlanta where we reside and our team is comprised of myself and partner Jen Spear, but her father-in-law Robert (aka Buppa)  was in town so we basically kidnapped him to use as our Tech guy. Actually Robert is recently retired and has developed a love and passion for the paranormal world as much as Jen and myself. He is a MAJOR league skeptic when it comes to other worldly things, which makes for lively debates and discussions.

We packed  the vehicle to the gills with all of our equipment and set off for this one horse town, to see if the reports of paranormal activity at Old Taylor were fact or fiction. Okay, here is some of the history of this hospital borrowed from the locations website

—The Old Taylor Memorial Hospital open its doors in Hawkinsville, Georgia in 1937.  It was truly the pride of the county, at the time it was built,  it was the only medical center south of Macon, Georgia. During its reign, many lives began here and many lives came to an end here.  The doors have been closed for 36 years, once a modern building was constructed,  all files have been removed, patients have been housed in the new building since 1977, however, that does not mean it has truly been just a vacant building.

Over the years the building has been closed down, boarded up, fenced and locks installed. Through all the efforts to keep out vandals , teenagers and thrill seekers, many have made their way into the building, each one coming out with tales of shadows, voices and objects being moved. Now that permission has been granted to take people in for investigations, we are finding out they are not just stories!  Come and see for yourself just what or who is it that draws people to such a building!

The Paranormal show Ghost Stalkers also found the hospital intriguing and conducted their own investigation here in 2014 and seemed to have gotten some really dope evidence. The biggest find was the full body apparition that walked behind that annoying little cry baby Chad. as well as other stuff. I’m pretty sure he is one of the major reasons their show got axed because no one could stand to listen to him whine and scream during every episode….okay I digress, sorry!

We rolled into the Old Taylor Hospital parking lot a few minutes after seven p.m. and Janet was there trying to get everything organized. Besides the three of us, there was a group of 3 elderly ladies with their niece and 2 other folks helping Janet out with this mismatched lot of coconuts. There typically is a limit of 10 people, which is great because it minimizes contamination. The other group came equipped with their cell phones and flash lights. They were all sweet as molasses but we knew that we did not want them anywhere near us when we began our investigation. Janet also made sure to keep them as far away from us as humanly possible by letting them know “These guys are pro’s and have heavy duty equipment, so please don’t get in their way”. Dammit Janet, I love you!!! She is also a Paranormal Investigator and knows a dabbler when she sees one. She’s got a great website that you can check out too at Seekers of Spirits (SOS) Ghost Hunters,

Janet took her time and gave us a very thorough tour of the hospital which in todays terms would be considered very small. It has 2 basements and three floors and we were able to move thru the place to get anywhere in the place in a short amount of time. Legend has it that their resides childrens spirits, a shadow man and doctors and nurses still occupying this space. We got some strange vibes in certain parts of the building such as surgery room and post-op room, both basements (one was the waiting room for people of color), the stairs and some of the patients rooms.

After setting up base camp with our digital cameras, miles of cables, motion detectors, EMF detectors, P-SB7 Spirit Box, Laser grid, Roberts infrared glasses and digital recorders, we set off to see if the reports of activity were fact or fiction. We started our investigation at 11:00 trying to navigate thru the maze of hallways and levels. It’s amazing how different things look like in the daylight then at night or pitch blackness in our case. We located the room that Janet described having a male spirit who loved interacting with blond-haired women and in some cases, women in general. We were told that he did not like men around and so we told Robert to stand guard in the hallway to see if he could catch anything with his infrared glasses. Allegedly this young man came down with yellow fever or some disease along these lines and was sent to Old Taylor for treatment where he apparently died in the late 1800’s.

Jen and I decided we were going to conduct a flashlight session to see if he would respond to any of our questions and lo and behold we got direct responses to most of the questions we asked. For those that aren’t familiar with using a flashlight when conducting a session, you unscrew the top of a small flashlight to looses it and put it on a flat service. When asking questions of the spirits, you ask them to have the flashlight blink once for yes and twice for no, typically. Jen is still on the fence about how she feels about this session because specific questions were not answered. My take on this is that we did receive actual responses to the questions asked. Not everything will be perfect or the way we think they should be when communicating with spirits. The rest of the evening was pretty quiet and we wrapped at 1:30 a.m.

Although we are still in the process of reviewing countless hours of video, audio and photographs, we found that so far we were pretty successful at finding some evidence of the afterlife at Old Taylor. Here is the list of evidence that will change as we finish up reviewing:

* Active flashlight session in room where a man’s spirit allegedly resides. He reportedly loves blonds and isn’t to fond of men.

* At least 2 separate videos of a black mass moving thru the halls on the first floor. Seems to be residual because it keeps darting up and down the halls.

* A video by a set of stairs where the spirit of a child has been seen and felt. We got some very strange lights at the foot of the stairs when no one was remotely close to them.

*Plenty of orb pictures. One bright orb in particular seemed to accompany us throughout the entire investigation. I know that some investigators completely disregard orbs…I beg to differ on that. After dust and other reasons are ruled out, sometimes they are what they appear to be…Spirits!

We plan on making another trip to see if we can catch additional evidence so stay tuned…